May 19 2020

Letter to the Editor: In Support of Adam Senesi and Carl Foss for School Committee

The following is a Letter to the Editor: 


Dear Editor,


I am pleased that this year’s town election includes a spirited race for two seats on School Committee. Debate and discussion around school issues benefit all Burlington residents, but especially those with school-aged children. That is why I am supporting Adam Senesi and Carl Foss for School Committee.


Burlington will benefit from having parents of school-aged children on the School Committee. While the perspective of grandparents is valuable, it does not negate the need for involvement by those closer to the front lines. Without Senesi and Foss, the School Committee would be comprised entirely of people with adult children.That does not provide the needed balance for a strong Committee that is responsive to the unique challenges that parents face today.


Adam Senesi brings valuable experience as a long-time Town Meeting Member, member of the Capital Budget Committee and member of the building subcommittees for the Fire Station 2 and the DPW/Recreation facility. As a parent of two school aged children, he understands the issues facing parents today, including juggling full-time work, distance learning, and balancing screen time. Adam’s straight-forward, parent-focused approach will be a refreshing change on the Committee.


Carl Foss is both a parent of school aged children and a middle school teacher. As such, he has first hand knowledge of what it takes to serve the unique needs of all schoolchildren. Carl is a Town Meeting Member and will effectively represent both parents and teachers. Carl is experienced with budget analysis and municipal decision making. He is committed to creating policies and setting educational goals to lead Burlington schools to excellence.


In addition, neither Foss nor Senesi have family members who are employed by the Burlington School Department. This is a very important factor to consider because such conflicts of interest are the reason two of current School Committee members cannot participate in vitally important contract negotiations.


Please join me and vote for Adam Senesi and Carl Foss on June 6, 2020. 


Barbara L'Heureux

10 Woodside Lane


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