May 31 2020

Letter to the Editor: In Support of Carl Foss for School Committee

The following is a Letter to the Editor: 


We are writing in support of Carl Foss for Burlington School Committee.


We have known Carl for over 20 years, since our days playing together in the Boston University marching and pep bands, and he is a dear friend.  We are so glad that we are both raising our families in Burlington and that our children have had the opportunity to attend the same school.  Carl and his wife Alison are both middle school teachers, in Lowell and Lexington, respectively, and have a kindergartener and a second grader at Pine Glen.  Carl is a kind, caring and reliable person.  To us the best part about Carl is not just how well he treats his family and friends but how well he treats absolutely everyone he meets.  He is one of the most sincerely respectful people we have ever met and he has a genuine desire to help the students and families of Burlington by serving on our school committee.


In addition to teaching and raising his children, Carl serves as a Town Meeting Member in precinct 5 and as a co-chair of the Pine Glen Carnival.  When the carnival was not going to happen last year Carl stepped up and offered to take the lead on this enormous event because our kids needed it and he knew he could make a difference.  We now have the opportunity to enable Carl to make an even bigger difference and serve even more students in our community.


We need a school committee member who will not only listen to and consider the viewpoints of all parties but who can also bring to the table their own ideas and insight to matters of public education.  As a parent and educator Carl is uniquely positioned to bring viewpoints to the committee that cannot otherwise be found.  There are currently no parents of Burlington Public School students on the school committee.  The committee is in need of a more diverse set of views, skills and experience that includes those of parents of our students.  Carl is uniquely positioned as both a parent and educator to complement the current strengths of our school committee.


With a household comprised of two teachers and two students, Carl and his family are currently living and breathing distance learning.  We urgently need a new school committee member who will be able to jump in feet first and have our schools set for the fall in an unprecedented manner.  Carl is ideally suited to this and ready to spend the summer preparing our district and the fall implementing a brand new model of education.


We have no way of knowing what the future will hold.  Who would have thought even a few months ago that our schools would be closed for an indefinite period?  For this reason we believe in supporting the candidate who not only has the skills and qualifications but who we most trust to show good judgment and come through in everyone’s best interest in an unforeseen situation.  This candidate is Carl Foss.


We humbly ask you for your vote in his favor on June 6th.


Stephen & Heather Peckham


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