July 2 2020

Letter to the Editor: Jamie Belsito for Congress

The following is a Letter to the Editor: 


A year ago I became a citizen, so I could hopefully start to become part of forming solutions to make this country a better place for everyone, a place where the individual matters, where we look out for each other and the greater good. Another step is to help elect people into politics who stand for things I believe in, and who will go to Washington and fight for their neighbors and friends back home who helped get them there. I believe Jamie Belsito will do great things in Washington and represent my vote wisely. Please help me get her elected to Congress!


Jamie Zahlaway Belsito, belsitoforcongress.com  has a serious chance to be the first female congresswoman from District 6! She can and will bring important issues such as (diversity and equality) to the forefront! Running a high profile campaign needs financial support. COVID19 has made it difficult to hold any of the traditional social events to raise funds. 


We are asking a donation of $25 or any amount to support Jamie’s campaign: https://belsitoforcongress.com   September 1st is the scheduled date for the Massachusetts Primary. Early voting is: August 22-28 including weekends.

Listed below are issues Jamie Belsito is committed to fight for and as she experiences and witnesses the ever changing challenges, she continues to add to the list!


1. Reconstruct the economy: Committed to Securing Funding directly hit by COVID-19 the small business owners, our Main Street business community with sound and long-term planning for cities and towns in District 6. This includes implementing solid solutions to fight the increasing food insecurity in the District and create access to affordable housing.


2. Affordable Health & Mental Healthcare for ALL. Jamie is the Founder and Executive Director of the Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance which is the ONLY national organization of its kind, www.mmhla.org, please read the impressive work prior and the significant work being done with COVID as an added challenge! 


3. Fighting for Equal Rights for ALL. Congress has an obligation to address the consequences of federal laws perpetuating racial divisions and gender disparities.  


4. Reforming a Broken Immigration System. Jamie had the honor of working on federal immigration policy with two of Massachusetts’ greatest leaders: Senator Ted Kennedy and Congressman Joe Moakley.


5. Improving Access to Quality Education: In 2018, Jamie was appointed Trustee of Salem State University and she's a vested parent in the public school system, a Mom with two daughters.


6. Restoring Environmental Leadership. Our district knows first hand the devastating effect on our health and our communities when companies abolish their responsibilities and pollute our environment. We need to restore the leadership within the Federal Government to prioritize environmental stewardship and reverse climate change.


7. Fighting Substance Abuse and the Opioid Epidemic. The Opioid Epidemic ravaged Massachusetts, and we can do much better in fighting it by reforming our health care, mental health care and the effect of criminalization of an illness.


Jamie has a proven track record as a policy expert….In 2016 Jamie gathered over 100 plus Co-Sponsors in a Republican-led House, part of The 21st Century Cures Act, the bill provided funding to advance postpartum screenings across the nation. Huge achievement considering it was a Republican House majority!




Jane K. McIninch, Ph.D.


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