December 20 2016

Letter to the Editor: Thank You Weiner Family from People Helping People



The following is a letter to the editor from Janet Sullivan Fitgerald 


People Helping People would like to thank the Weiner family for all they do for the community of Burlington. This week The Weiner Family, owners of Dunkin Donuts on Cambridge Street (affectionately known as “Center Dunk”), Wall Street and the Burlington Mall (just to name a few of their locations) made a very generous donation to People Helping People .


They will also be providing a special gift to all those who will be attending the 6th annual wine tasting and charity auction coming up in February.


The Weiner family and People Helping People share many of the same goals – helping those in need. People Helping People is very appreciative to all the Weiner family does throughout the year to support their organization.   


Pictured left to right Marvin Weiner, Amy Savignano, Andy Weiner and Janet Sullivan Fitzgerald



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