November 12 2020

Letter: Town Clerk Amy Warfield Thanks Everyone Who Made Election a Success

The following is a Letter to the Editor: 


Once again at the end of an election season I’m humbled as I reflect on all the people who help to make elections work in Burlington. I want to take a moment of Giving Thanks to all those people.


First, with all the differences in 2020, I want to thank all the people who stepped forward to help. With either volunteering or stepping up to become an election worker. Your willingness to participate in the process was so appreciated. There were those who helped with handling the over 8000 Vote by Mail request cards and applications. There were those who helped with getting those who help with getting ballots and envelopes, stuffed, labelled and ready for mailing. There were those who help with processing the ballots when they came back in. There were those who worked on the two election days to get those ballots checked in and tabulated. Also, to all the wardens, clerks, checkers and cleaners who spent half or full days at the polls. Whether you came in person or had mailed in your ballot, these people help voters with the voting process or processed your ballot. All of these individuals worked professionally, effectively and with confidentiality to make the whole process work. Thank you!


Second, I want to take time to recognize my staff, Linda McNeill, Kirsten Midgley, Kate O’Shea and Daniel McCormack. These people worked numerous hours for weeks handling the mailing out and receiving in of each and every ballot. Working as a team we were able to achieve, what at first seemed to be an impossible task. They even did tasks like putting up signs around town so that Voters knew where and when voting was. They also handled a huge number of your phone calls. With the implementation of Vote by Mail there many of you had questions ranging from, “what is the process for getting a ballot” or “how to I track my ballot” or “when is Early In Person voting” or “can I come to Vote on November 3 rd ”. So a Big Thank you to my staff!!


Thirdly, as well as my staff there are a number of departments in Town who are always instrumental in the running of a successful election. The Selectmen’s office and Town custodians for setting up and keep the Grand View Farm ready for the 14 days of Early In Person voting. The High School and the administration working with me on the use of the facilities. The School custodians doing the setting up and in the time of COVID working to keep the area cleaned was so wonderful. The DPW staff, with setting up all the signs, sawhorses and lighting as it got later in the day. The Fire Chief for making extra PPEs available for the workers. Also, during the day the work that the Police officers, with assistance from a couple of experts, do to keep the traffic flowing and direct voters is so necessary and appreciated. Thank you to you all!!


Finally, and certainly not least are the Candidates and you the Voters. Without both of you there would be no need for an election. Thank you to those people who took the time to run. This election was certainly different with Vote by Mail, Early in Person or Day of Voting. To the Burlington Voters we tried to handle each question you had so, Thank You for your patience and taking the time and energy to vote. It always brings great satisfaction to see how well Burlington turns out, even in the time of COVID. We look forward to seeing you again at the Town Election, on April 10th, 2021.



Your Town Clerk, Amy Warfield.


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