July 7 2017

Letter: Town Clerk Thanks Everyone Who Made Special Primary a Success

The following is a Letter to the Editor: 


It’s been a busy week since the Special Primary election and I want to take a moment to thank all of those who helped with Burlington having another successful Election.


I especially want to thank the Burlington Police Dept., School Dept., and BHS custodians for their assistance in preparing the polls, grounds, and traffic control. These men and women work hard the day before and are up early in the morning and stay with us until late at night to assist us.  Our Post Office was also a great help in ensuring that absentee ballots were efficiently delivered.


I’d also like to thank the dedicated, enthusiastic, and competent election workers for assisting voters through the process, Special elections are a challenge and our workers did a great job.  It was a long day but they handled each voter with skill and a friendly smile.


The staff of the Town Clerk’s Office works for weeks in anticipation of an election.  They register voters, assist voters in the office who cast absentee ballots, mail ballots to voters up to the day before the election, organize the poll workers, track all voters and ballots as well as investigate and resolve issues that arise on the day of the election.  The work they do is the foundation of a successful election and I thank Linda, Janice, Daniel and our summer intern Katelyn O’Shea for laying that great foundation.


Our appreciation goes out to Dunkin’ Donuts (Cambridge ST) for their donation of coffee and donuts in the morning to help get us all running.  Also, Atria Longmeadow and Wegman’s for their donations of box meals for lunch and dinner.  They were delicious and it kept everyone’s energy level up during the long day!


Lastly, thank you to the candidates who ran. Special elections are always a challenge because it does fit into the regular schedule for voters but the candidates did a wonderful job of getting out to the voters in Burlington and it’s is what the election was all about.  As well as to the voters of Burlington who come out and exercised their right to vote THANK YOU and we look forward to seeing you again on July 25 for the Special Election, to finish this cycle.




Amy Warfield

Town Clerk


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