February 14 2019

Letter: Valentine's Thank you to Erland Construction Company from the Senior Center

The following is a Letter to the Editor: 

Can you Remember what TV Program had the theme song, "Thank you for being my friend"? We seniors from Burlington Council on Aging are singing that refrain today to the folks from 3rd Ave at Erland Construction Company.   

Heidi Aliski, from Community Relations at Erland, headed up the organization of the event, a Valentine Party for the Senior set in Burlington. Wow, did she do a great job! What a great crew she had to work with. I shall try and name them all, if I miss anyone, my sincere apologies, because they were and are, such a nice group of people, and good looking to boot! There was Anette Balestrand, Nicole Pinkman, Nancy Martin, Jaclyn Hazlett, Barbara Harron, Erl Faulk, Peter Marroni, Sean McDonald, Danielle Picus, Eric Greene, and Taquana Peters. Thank you guys, you are appreciated.

What a thoughtfully planned party! We seniors loved it! The tables were inviting with beautiful roses as centerpieces, copied sheets of puzzles and word games  on every table. A large buffet table at the front of the room was well stocked with all sorts of nibbles, from nice cheeses, fresh baby carrots, elegant prepped fruit, and an assortment of the "good crackers". Off to the side was the coffee and dessert table.., ooh so tempting! Chocolate cake, cupcakes, cookies...Yum!

Then, the best part of all, the music and dancing and just fun with the group from Erland. The disc jockey was great, kept us all rocking.It was just such a lovely, fun afternoon. Erland Construction, you left us all smiling!  (Err, by the way, what was the name of that TV program?)


Joanne Kinchla

Council on Aging


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