April 9 2020

M. S. Walker Distillery Donates Hand Sanitizer it Made to Burlington Police and Fire

By: Rich Hosford

The Burlington Police Department took to Twitter to thank the Boston-based M. S. Walker Distillery for sending along hand sanitizer to them and the Burlington Fire Department that they made. 

In a letter the distillery said: 

“To our valued community partner, please accept this Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizing Solution, which we have produced in accordance with the World Health Organization recipe.”

M. S. Walker goes on to explain that the hand sanitizer is made of 160-proof grain alcohol, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide and water. 

“We are doing everything in our power to play a small part in keeping our community healthy,” they said. “By week's end we will have donated more than 100,000 bottles of sanitizer to various front-line organizations throughout the northeast. We are extremely grateful for the incredible work you are doing - in a time of crisis and always.”


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