September 3 2019

Macy’s Announces Burlington Location as Part of its 2019 “Growth150” Initiative


Macy’s is working on improving its location in the Burlington Mall. 


Macy’s announced that Macy’s Burlington is one of 100 stores included in its 2019 Growth150 initiative. 


“In 2018, fifty stores across the country, including Macy’s Downtown Boston, South Shore Plaza, Northshore Mall, and Mall at Rockingham Park, received additional capital to enhance the customer experience and create a more vibrant and productive shopping destination as part of the Growth50 initiative,” a release states. “In line with its strategy to test, iterate and scale these new ideas, Macy’s expanded these improvements to 100 additional stores this year.”


Macy’s says the Growth100 stores feature an elevated environment, expanded and curated merchandise assortments as well as improved customer service through added colleague positions and new technology. Improvements were based on customer feedback and the successful Growth50 initiatives.


“The performance of the Growth 50 stores has given us the confidence to expand the strategy to 100 more stores this year,” said John Harper, chief stores officer at Macy’s. “Beyond our capital investment, the customer will see an increase in colleague support, advancement in omnichannel technology and more curated merchandise, tailored to their store location. We are excited to continue to bring new, exciting and fresh experiences to these stores.”


The stores in the program will see physical upgrades that include the addition of new LED lighting and updated flooring, as well as renovated fitting rooms and restrooms. 


Many will also have food and beverage options. In the Burlington Mall, Macy’s was approved for a Starbucks Kiosk. 


The initiative also has a focus on enhancing customer service.


“The Growth100 stores have increased staffing levels and expanded store hours,” the release states. “Customer-focused services available include At Your Service, a dedicated location for seamless online pick-ups and returns, and Mobile Checkout, a feature on Macy’s mobile app that allows customers to quickly process their own purchases with ease. Additionally, customers can book a style consultation with Macy’s Personal Stylist, a complimentary personal shopping service pairing customers with a dedicated lifestyle expert to support all aspects of the Macy’s shopping experience, including fashion and home merchandise; gifts for friends and family; and any wedding gift and registry needs.”


Macy’s Burlington Mall has expanded its furniture and mattress departments with virtual reality and a “Customize It Shop,” where customers can mix and match the fabric and color of the selected furniture before they purchase. The virtual reality experience is meant to help shoppers make a more informed decision by virtually design their living space to see how Macy’s furnishings may look in their homes.


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