May 27 2020

Manufacturer and Non-Profit to Donate Drone to Burlington Police Department


The Burlington police will soon have an eye in the sky for help in emergency situations. 


According to a release, on April 24, the Burlington Police Department sent an application to USA-Based Drone Manufacturer Skydio for a free drone. The department explained why the drone would help protect the communities they serve. Skydio has teamed up with the non-profit to donate new drones to public safety departments in need. The Burlington Police Department was chosen by Skydio to receive one of a number of drone kits to be donated across the country.


The donation will be made in person, by representatives of the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program ( which was founded by Airborne Works. 


Members of the department said the new technology will be helpful in a number of situations. 


“With our three pilots, we would be able to immediately respond and deploy the Skydio 2 for any growing need the community would have in relationship to COVID-19 and any other emergency that arises,” said Officer Sage Costa of the Burlington Police Department. “The Burlington Police Department SUAS (small unmanned aircraft systems) response will support other elements of the agency and other agencies under mutual aid by providing a safe and efficient aerial observation of public safety incidents. Our Department is attached to a regional team the North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (NEMLEC). This team has responded to major incidents including the Boston Marathon Bombing, and patrols the Boston Marathon route every year.” 


Those coordinating the donation added they hope the drone will be put to good use. 


“In emergency situations, every second is deemed important,” said Marc Langley, founder of “UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) and drone technology can provide lifesaving assistance to public safety agencies with emergency calls. Unfortunately, many public safety departments across the nation cannot afford to purchase drones, as the cost of the technology is very high. This forces many to simply go without.” 


According to the release, Skydio and share the same vision and hoped to help alleviate this issue when establishing their respective donation programs, whereby public safety departments of all types may apply to receive a UAV/drone at no cost to the department.


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