March 27 2018

March Snowstorms Required Additional Funds for Snow/Ice Removal Budget

By: Rich Hosford

Some late-season storms pushed the town’s snow and ice removal budget into the red.


During the Board of Selectmen meeting on Monday the board voted to approve another $500,000 in deficit spending for the snow and ice removal budget. This is the one budget the town can run in a deficit and get sorted out in the following fiscal year, Town Administrator John Petrin explained.


Petrin said that adding to the snow removal budget is nearly an annual event but that this year the hit came later than normal.


“Snow and ice became a problem for us in March,” he said. “You’ll see from his report that with 77 inches and 16 snow/ice events it became much busier than we expected this time of year.”


The town appropriates $350,000 each year for the snow removal budget but normally has to add more to the fund. Department of Public Works Director John Sanchez said that on average the town ends up spending $711,000 but in some years it has been dramatically less or much more.


“In 2015 we spent about $1 million,” he said, referencing the year when the region saw record-setting snowfall amounts.


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