June 11 2019

Marshall Simonds Middles School to host Pie Fest

By: by Thaddeus Stephanak

The Marshall Simonds Middle School Student Council, in a joint effort with the MSMS PTO are holding a MSMS Pie Fest this Saturday June 15th 1pm to 5pm in the field behind Marshall Simonds Middle School.

Student Council President, 8th grader Megan O’Connell stated, “We wanted a ton of games, we wanted it to be a big event where everyone could socialize and have a good time. We all wanted a dunk tank and of course the cow pie piece of it”. O’Connell explained they have a cow in a fenced in area at the event, “There are squares painted on the grass, people will buy a square for $20 and whoever’s square the cow poops on gets half of the money made from the cow pie event”. In case of rain the winner will be randomly selected by computer.

8th grade Student Council Vice-President, Madison Bastarache talked about some of the activities being planned, “We’ll have different kinds of games including a potatoes sack race. We’re going to have some bouncy houses, one for smaller kids and one for the older kids. We’re also going to have a cookout going on. We have a lot of sponsors which is really nice”.

Publicist for the MSMS Student Council, 8th grader Vela Belin elaborated, “The Pie Fest is going to be really great. We went around and collected sponsors. We got a lot of gift cards and baskets from good restaurants like Del Frisco’s and Redstone Grill and Nino’s and others. There’s going to be so many great things so everybody should come because it’s going to be really great and awesome and fun”.

6th grader Sky Panke added, “It’s cool to see how everyone in the community wanted to help out a fundraiser for better schools and a better community for the kids”.

8th grade Council Secretary Mya Koffie said, “I think the Cow Pie Fest is going to be a really good community building event because we worked really hard on it here at the Student Council and I know that they’re helping out and working really hard at the PTO. And also raising money for the school”.

Student Council Faculty Advisor, 7th grade Social Studies teacher Christine Evans, “We’ve been in touch frequently with the MSMS PTO who have some wonderful leaders and they wanted to do an event that would really bring the community together. So the event is for everyone in town, they really wanted to do some community outreach that brings people together in a fun way and also raises money for the school”. Evans remarked, “The Student Council has worked tirelessly, and they’ve really come together and worked as a team to put this event together in a short amount of time. I’m continuously impressed with their work ethic and their passion for their school”.    

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