October 15 2019

Mass State Police Warn of Spam Call Appearing to Come from Boston Barracks


The Massachusetts State Police are warning of a scam call that appears to be coming from one of their barracks but isn’t. 

“Today, the State Police barracks in Boston received more than one hundred calls from people across the country who reported that they were called by someone claiming that a family member was ‘in danger’ and encouraged them to call the ‘Highway Patrol,’” state police said in a Facebook post. 

According to police, the caller ID on the recipients’ phone was listed as 617-727-6780, which is the number for the MSP Boston Barracks.

“If you receive a similar call, be advised that these are believed to be hoax calls from someone spoofing the barracks phone number,” State Police said. 

Authorities ask that if you receive one of these calls to not call the barracks to report it as it ties up the emergency line.


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