October 2 2014

Medicare Phone Scam Reported

By: Rich Hosford

Don’t give out your personal information over the phone or set up an appointment to have someone over to your house, no matter how well spoken the person calling sounds. 

The Executive Office of Elder Affairs in Boston and the Burlington Council on Aging are warning Medicare recipients of a phone scam that has recently come to their attention.


According to a bulletin put out by the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, a local woman enrolled in the Medicare system received a call from someone stating they were from the Medicare office. The “very well spoken caller” claimed that he had sent her a letter in regards to a doctor visit at her home to ensure that “proper services were being provided.” The caller wanted to send the doctor to her home the next day. 


The woman who received the call said she felt uncomfortable with the conversation but the caller gave her a phone number for verification. When she hung up she called the Medicare number on her card and was told this was a scam. A Medicare representative said the scam caller would have likely tried to sell her insurance products. 


Burlington Council on Aging Director Margery McDonald told BNEWS that Medicare will not call recipients and that if anyone calls claiming to be from the agency it is best to hang up. 


“People should never ever give out personal information if they don’t initiate the call themselves,” McDonald said. 

Medicare will send letters and/or emails to get in contact with recipients when the need arises. 


McDonald said anyone who receives this type of scam call should also call the police so authorities know a scam is being attempted.  


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