April 2 2020

MIAA Tournament Management Committee Have Meeting Regarding the Spring Tournament Structure

By: Robert Parris

The MIAA held a conference call meeting on Thursday, April 2nd to discuss the structure of a spring tournament, per the charge given by the MIAA Board of Directors on March 30th. The discussions were focused on the update season date of May 4th through June 27th (28th if needed) as determined by the BOD. As of right now, these dates are in alignment with the current back to school guidelines determined by Governor Charlie Baker. 

The MIAA and its members will follow the expectations and orders put forth by Governor Baker in relation to COVID-19. With the fluid flow of information and news, personal safety and well being recommendations are changing daily. 

The following were motions that were approved by the MIAA Board of Directors.

Tournament Structure

Motion 1 was the Tournament Management Committee sole consideration will play through a sectional tournament only. The motion was passed with an unanimous vote of 16-1.

There was also a motion for the cutoff date for the regular season being June 12 at 7pm for baseball,lacrosse, rugby, softball, tennis and volleyball. The playoff seeding would take place the following day, and the tournaments would begin the week of June 15th and conclude on June 27th, with a rain date of June 28th. This was approved unanimously. 

A third motion in this category stated that there will not be a Division 1A tournament in the spring. This was approved unanimously. 

There was also a discussion about whether the tournament rules would remain the same. The board decided to keep the rules as is and was approved unanimously. 

Two motions dealt with having cutoff and entry due dates of June 15th. Playoff meets will take place between June 17th and June 27th. Both of them revolved around Track and Field and Tennis. The motion was approved unanimously. 

Finally, the group voted on having no individual tennis tournament for the 2020 season. The vote was approved unanimously. 


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