October 24 2019

Middlesex Sheriff Warns of Subpoena Scam Spoofing their Phone Number


The Middlesex Sheriff’s Office is warning residents to be on the lookout for a new twist in an old scam with callers pretending to be from their office. 

On Wednesday, October 23, the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office (MSO) received a call from a local resident reporting she had been contacted by an individual identifying himself as a member of the MSO.  The man, using the name of a retired Middlesex County, New Jersey officer, said he was seeking to collect bond money for her alleged failure to respond to a subpoena.


Recognizing the call was a scam, the woman hung up, a release states. The man then called back a second time, with “Middlesex Sheriff’s Office” showing on the woman’s caller ID. In previous scams, individuals have used spoofing technology to display telephone numbers associated with legitimate law enforcement agencies


This scam is similar to previously reported ones in which callers pose as members of law enforcement, the IRS or the courts, claiming warrants have been issued for residents’ failure to pay taxes or perform jury duty. The imposters will tell those they have called that they can avoid arrest if they pay an immediate fine.


“As these scams evolve and spread, it’s critical that residents be aware of the underlying similarities so that they can protect themselves and their hard-earned money,” said Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian. “In this case, the intended victim immediately recognized this was a scam and notified us, allowing us to alert the public.”



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