October 23 2019

New Building Being Proposed at Ski Haus Location

By: Rich Hosford

The owner of 1 Wheeler Road in Burlington has filed an application for a site plan approval to tear down the building and build a new, larger one in its place. 


The application, submitted to the Planning Department by attorney Thomas Murphy, says the owner, YU 66 Corporation, has owned the property since 1991. The application notes there is a large commercial building on the site that they would like to tear down to make way for a building that “will be more efficient, more aesthetically appealing and more competitive in the current rental market.” 


The application further explains that the existing building is approximately 20,000 square feet and the proposed building will be 22,000 square feet. 


“So there is not an appreciable increase in the size of the building,” Murphy writes. As shown on the plans submitted with the application the new building will fit better on the site and will use the contour and the grade of the site in a more effective manner than the existing building.” 


The building is currently home to a number of businesses, including Ski Haus, GOLFTEC Burlington and NOTB Snowboards. There is no mention in the application whether there will be any change in tenants if a new building is approved.


The application is scheduled to be before the Planning Board on Thursday, November 21. 



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