July 20 2020

Obituary: Beloved Family Woman, Advocate for Special Needs Recreation, Lydia A. Brown, 67


A woman who worked for her community and strived to provide people with special needs opportunities for play and recreation has passed away. 


Lydia A. Brown, a woman who devoted her life to her family, her church and her community, passed away following a long battle with cancer, her obituary from Sullivan Funeral Home states. She was 67 years old.


Lydia was born in Connecticut.  At the age of eight her family moved to Burlington. Lydia was a 1970 graduate of Burlington High School. Lydia, along with her parents Joe and Winnie, were incredibly involved in the Burlington Citation Drum and Burgle Corp in the mid 1970’s. 

Lydia was an advocate for those with Special Needs, her obituary states. Through the Burlington Recreation Department, Lydia directed “Spectacular Saturdays” and “Out and About” for Adults with Special Needs. She was a staff member and parent in the Recreation Therapeutic Recreation program. Lydia was instrumental in the success of the Burlington Pride Softball programs as well as the Softball tournaments that took place at Center School.  

Lydia and her daughter Jillian were staples in the ceramics program for the Recreation Department.  She was a talented seamstress and offered a sewing class through the recreation department.

“Lydia loved living in Burlington and was always volunteering to help with events going on in town,” her obituary says. 

Lydia was also a longtime member of St. Margaret’s Church and the members of the church were like a second family to her. She taught Religious Education and was a Eucharistic Minister as well.  

“She was always willing to lend a hand for anything that was happening to benefit the church,” her obituary reads. “Lydia will be remembered as a selfless woman who always put the needs of her family above her own.”


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