January 7 2019

Open Seats for Burlington's 2019 Town Election


Town government works best when dedicated people are involved and now is the chance for those interested in running for a public office or Town Meeting to throw their hat in the ring.

Town Clerk Amy Warfield sent out the following release regarding the 2016 Burlington town election:

Town Clerk Amy Warfield says that if you are interested in participating local government here is your opportunity. The Town Clerk's Office at Town Hall is looking for residents who are interested in getting involved to get information and take out papers for the Town Election on April 6.  Nomination papers must be taken out by February 13 at 5 PM.


Here are the list of seats.

Town wide seats:

Moderator (1 yr) (1 seat)

Selectmen (3 yr) (2 seats)

Assessor (3 yr) (1 seat)

Treasurer/Collector (3 yr) (1 seat)

School Committee (3 yr) (2 seats)

Library Trustees (3 yr) (2 seats)

Library Trustees (1 yr) (1 seat)

Planning Board (5 yr) (1 seat)

Board of Health (3 yr) (2 seats)

Constable (3 yr) (2 seats)

Housing Authority (5 yr) (1 seat)

Recreation Commission (3 yr) (1 seat)


Town Meeting seats:


Precinct 1 TMM (3 yr) (6 seats)

Precinct 2 TMM (3 yr) (6 seats)

Precinct 2 TMM (1 yr) (2 seat)

Precinct 3 TMM (3 yr) (6 seats)

Precinct 4 TMM (3 yr) (6 seats)

Precinct 4 TMM (2 yr) (1 seat)

Precinct 5 TMM (3 yr) (6 seats)

Precinct 6 TMM (3 yr) (6 seats)

Precinct 7 TMM (3 yr) (6 seats)


Any Registered Voter living in Burlington who would like to participate in Local Government can take out papers to fill these seats.  To be placed on the ballot you will need to get signatures from Burlington registered voters by the deadline which is February 15. The Town election is April 6 at the Burlington High School Gym, 123 Cambridge Street.

Call the Town Clerk’s office at (781) 270‑1660 if you have any questions.



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