May 14 2019

Organizers Call First Town-Wide Yard Sale a Success

By: Thaddeus Stephanak

Burlington’s First Annual Town-Wide Yard Sale is being considered a success.

On Saturday, May 4, Burlington held its first Town-Wide Yard Sale. Originally conceived in January by Brenda Rappaport, of The Home Team realtors, who approached the Burlington Parks and Recreation Department about the concept of a town wide yard sale.

“They accepted the proposal and we ran with it,” she said.

After registering houses holding sales a map was compiled for people looking to shop and the Town-Wide Yard Sale went ahead. Rappaport said 70 households participated and each received an average of 50 shoppers.

“And that was without the best weather conditions,” she said. “I can only imagine what it would have been like if it had been a sunny day.”  

Event organizer for the Parks & Recreation Department, Assistant Program Coordinator Jessie Hampson, also commented on the weather, saying it likely dampened the event, at least at first.  

“If the weather had been a little nicer we probably would have gotten even more people,” she said. “Especially early in the morning some people were hesitant to set up their yard sales because it looked iffy. But later on it got nicer and there were quite a few people out."

Hampson remarked with approval on the overall participation and turn out.

“Definitely a success, a lot of positive feedback, there were a lot of happy people that we did it,” she said.

The event offered an app for finding the different yard sales around town; GLICKIN Garage Sales. Hampson said that there was a bit of a tech savvy issue regarding the app and people wanting the physical map.

“When you have 70 locations on a paper copy of a map it’s hard to really get all the details into that map so some people were little confused about where the yard sales were,” she said.

In an effort to improve future Town-Wide yard sales Hampson that one of the things they talked about was putting more signage out next year. Arrow signs at intersections indicating which streets have yard sales might be one feature for future events to help people find participants. Still, she said she thinks things went well.

“Overall the event was a success,” she said. “I think people will want us to hold the event again next year. We’re not committing to anything yet but were hoping to do it again next year.”

Rappaport, a fourth generation Burlington resident raising a fifth, is one half of the mother-daughter realtor team The Home Team with her mom Carol Fioretti.  Rappaport said the town-wide yard sale was, “A chance to reach out to some folks who were spring cleaning, get to know people in the community.” Rappaport says they received positive feedback on the event via the Burlington Residence Network Facebook page and through complimentary personal emails. She says they expect to do it again next year.


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