November 7 2017

Paperwork Filed for Five-Story Self Storage Building Off Wheeler Road

By: Rich Hosford

A personal storage company is looking to open a sizeable building in town.


Jumbo Self Storage, LLC, has submitted paperwork with the Burlington Planning Department to build a five-story 119,523 square-foot building on a property off of Wheel Road.


The premises is zoned General Industrial and is located within the Aquifer Overlay District. The site is comprised of 11.025 acres of land, a portion of which had been previously disturbed and utilized for the storage of construction equipment and related debris, the paperwork filed with the town states.


As part of the project the company would put down 12 parking spaces, three of which will be located under the building. This number, the application states, will allow 93-percent of the site to remain open space.


They will also incorporate “site improvements” as part of the project.


The application cover letter does say that the premises is located within the 100-year floodplain and that “stormwater management enhancements have been designed to decrease designated storm event peak flows and will reduce total runoff volume as a result of the infiltration system design.”


Finally, in the application the company says it does not expect the project to generate much in traffic, saying the increase will be “minimal.” The self-storage facilities will mostly be used by local residents and businesses.


The project will be before the Planning Board on December 7. To move forward it requires a site plan approval and two special permits. It also needs a finding from the board stating the project can increase the Maximum Floor Area Ratio (FAR) from .15 to .248. The Zoning Bylaws say the maximum permitted is .25.



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