August 28 2018

Parks & Recreation Has Survey for Residents on Open Space in Town


The Burlington Parks & Recreation Department is seeking input from Burlington residents on the town’s open space.


The Town of Burlington is updating its Open Space and Recreation Plan,” a notice from the department states.


The plan provides a list of the current usable open space and recreation resources, explores and explains community needs, and adopts an action plan for the next seven years to meet those needs, the release explains. Updating the Open Space and Recreation Plan means the Town remains eligible for state funding, which can be used for land acquisition and protection.


Open space is defined as public and privately owned, undeveloped land that can serve for conservation, recreation, agriculture, or enhancement to the overall character of the town through its scenic qualities. These lands generally have some level of legal and zoning protection to maintain their purpose and scenic qualities.


During the update the of the plan the Parks & Recreation Department is asking for resident’s input on how often they use the town’s open spaces, what they would like to see done there and what types of recreation and facilities they would like to have.


They are asking people to fill out a quick survey that can be found here.


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