May 9 2019

Photo of the Week: Give a Heart and Save a Life

By: Rich Hosford

Another week, another photo to highlight.


This week we have a photo of a message meant to have people think about giving of themselves in the biggest way possible after they pass. It was taken by BCAT Executive Director Jen Dodge and shows a group of Donate Life flags in the shape of a heart on the grounds of Lahey Hospital and Medical Center. Donate Life is a nonprofit organization with the goal of increasing the number of organ donations to help save lives and improve people’s living condition. They operate under the philosophy that donation is a fundamental human responsibility.

We’d like to see your photos. They could be of something you see around town, the weather outside your own door or even photos of your family members and pets. Whatever you think is interesting and would like to share.


Email your photos to with the subject line “Photo of the Week.”


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