October 11 2018

Photo of the Week: Hauling a Great Pumpkin and a Brother

By: Rich Hosford

Another week, another photo to highlight!


This week we have another perfect photo for the fall season and for the second week in a row one featuring an entry into the Science Center’s pumpkin growing contest. It was sent in by Joe Brown of JoeBrownPhotos.com and shows AJ DiRocco and his dad Anthony DiRocco using a cart to move the 1st place 116-pound pumpkin along the Burlington Common. As if that task wasn’t difficult enough they also had to contend with some extra weight added by Ryan DiRocco who decided to hitch a ride on the cart.


Thanks for the photo, Joe, and congrats on your winning pumpkin AJ!


We’d like to see your photos. They could be of something you see around town, the weather outside your own door or even photos of your family members and pets. Whatever you think is interesting and would like to share.


Email your photos to bcat@bcattv.org with the subject line “Photo of the Week.”


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