April 20 2017

Photo of the Week: Hawk Scanning for Prey

By: Rich Hosford


Another week, another photo to highlight.


This week’s photo depicts one the local hunters of the sky. It was sent in by our own BNEWS anchor Phil Gallagher and shows a Red Tailed Hawk that was perched on a tree in his backyard. You may notice that from this angle the tail doesn’t look particularly red but when the bird takes off and flays its feathers the real color becomes visible. For an example, click here.  


Thanks for the photo Phil!  


We’d like to see your photos. They could be of something you see around town, the weather outside your own door or even photos of your family members and pets. Whatever you think is interesting and would like to share.

Email your photos to bcat@bcattv.org with the subject line “Photo of the Week.”


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