April 9 2019

Police Respond to False Alarm at Memorial Elementary School


A false alarm at a Burlington elementary school triggered a quick response from authorities on Tuesday morning.


Chief Michael Kent reports that the Burlington Police Department responded to what ultimately was a false lockdown alarm at Memorial Elementary School.


At approximately 8:15 a.m., Burlington Police were dispatched to Memorial Elementary School after being alerted to the activation of a lockdown alarm, a release from the department states. Upon arrival, officers immediately carried out their active threat response protocols and quickly determined that the alarm was triggered accidentally.


“We conduct extensive training in order to be prepared for any kind of situation, and I'm proud of the way our officers responded today just as they were trained,” Chief Kent said. “Above all, though, I'm thankful that this was a false alarm and that students and staff were never in any danger.”


Following confirmation that the alarm was triggered by mistake, police cleared school grounds and the school day continued without further interruption.


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