January 5 2019

Police: Suspect Says Graffiti on School is Hip Hop Group's Logo, Not Swastika

By: Rich Hosford

The Burlington Police said on Saturday that according to the suspect an act of vandalism first thought to be possibly anti-Semitic in nature was actually an homage to a hip-hop group.

According to police a juvenile male, age 17, of Burlington, was questioned by police on Friday. The department may bring criminal charges against the suspect.

As reported on BNEWS, police were called to the Pine Glen Elementary School on Thursday morning to conduct an investigation after a report of graffiti was lodged. Burlington Police Detective Jim Tigges was assigned to the case. Police found two examples of what were at first thought to be incorrectly drawn swastikas on a stop sign and on the brick facade of the school building. Other graffiti tags were also found on a door and refuse bin.

Police identified the suspect after reviewing surveillance footage.

After questioning the suspect and conducting research, the department has determined that the graffiti was not a swastika but rather the logo of the hip-hop musical collective known as Pro Era, whose logo — the numbers four and seven interwoven over a white circle and red background, has generated controversy for its resemblance to the Nazi flag.

Further analysis indicated that the juvenile has shared his affinity for Pro Era in the past in social media postings, police said.


The graffiti found at Pine Glen 


The hip-hop group Pro Era's logo 

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