April 22 2019

Police Warn Residents to Lock Cars and be Alert After Uptick in Break-Ins


The Burlington Police Department is warning residents not to leave valuables in cars and to report any suspicious behavior after a rash of car break-ins possible connected to a professional group of thieves working in the area.

“Just a reminder that when you park your car not to leave any valuables in the car or in plain sight,” the department said in a Facebook post. “There has been a recent spike in car breaks in the region & it is believed a professional group that works around the country is in the area actively doing these now. This group often targets vehicles in places where people leave purses and wallets in their cars.”

Police said parking lots at recreational areas, walking paths, parks, playgrounds, dog parks, day care centers and gyms are often targeted.

It might not only be the loss of money or valuables inside a vehicle that residents have to worry about. Police say the group has a history of using stolen ID documents at bank drive-throughs.

Report suspicious behavior to police right away at 781-272-1212 and hit "0" Zero to get Dispatch.

If you see a crime in progress call 911.


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