February 28 2017

Press Release: Joan Kennedy Constant Running for Board of Selectmen

The following is a press release from The Committee to Joan Kennedy Constant (2/17/17): 


Today Joan Kennedy Constant announced that she will be running for the Burlington Board of Selectmen.


“Burlington is a very special community.  After much encouragement and serious deliberations with my family, I am proud to announce my candidacy for the Burlington Board of Selectmen,” said Kennedy Constant.  “We need to preserve the quality of life while keeping it affordable.  I will be the pro-taxpayer Selectmen who will hold the line against higher property taxes.”


Kennedy Constant has been a municipal volunteer for Burlington.  She was appointed to serve as a Registrar of Voters and as a Precinct 7 Town Meeting member.  Also, Town Moderator Sally Willard appointed Kennedy Constant to the Ways and Means Committee which oversees the town’s finances.  Moreover, she serves on the School Department subcommittee for Ways and Means.  


“Working on these committees has given me great insight into our town’s finances.  We need to stretch our tax dollars rather than raising them.  As a hardworking taxpayer, I know how property taxes are squeezing homeowners and family budgets.  I don’t want people taxed out of their homes,” said Kennedy Constant.  


Professionally, Kennedy Constant is an attorney who works for the Massachusetts Department of Correction.  Previously, she worked for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office.  Kennedy Constant received her Bachelor’s degree from Boston College and her Juris Doctorate from the New England School of Law.  She is married with two children


“Protecting our quality of life and keeping Burlington affordable is important to me.  I will use my professional skills to protect taxpayers.  I think I am uniquely qualified to help move Burlington forward,” added Kennedy Constant.


“You can count on me to fight for a better future for Burlington,” added Kennedy Constant.


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