November 1 2017

Principal Asking Parents to Assure Children After Student Taken to Hospital in Ambulance

By: Rich Hosford

A Burlington elementary school principal is advising parents and guardians to reassure their children after they may have seen an ambulance at the school on Wednesday.

Memorial School Principal Deborah Dressler posted a letter on her blog to families with students at the school addressing a medical issue that occurred during the day. She said a student was taken by ambulance to the hospital for a medical emergency and that many other student likely witnessed the emergency vehicles.

Dressler said she did not want any student to feel that the school is an unsafe environment.


“Today at dismissal, your student may have seen an ambulance and fire truck arrive at school,” she said in the letter. “The ambulance was called to the school for a medical emergency. The student involved has been safely transported to a local hospital to be evaluated.”

“These type of events are not common for children to see at school so they may be asking questions about it,” Dressler continued. “Please reassure them that students are safe at school and when accidents happen we all work together with school and town services to make sure everyone is taken care of.”


She also said the school has resources available for anyone who feels they need them.


“If you or your child have questions, please do not hesitate to connect with our guidance and school psychologist staff Ms. Flaccavento (781-238-6825), Ms. Sedovic (781-270-2968) and Ms. Martin at 781-273-7031) or speak to me directly at 781-270-1721,” the letter concluded.


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