November 20 2018

Public Meeting for Feedback on Burlington Transit Next Week


The Burlington Department of Public Works and Burlington Public Transit are seeking input from residents on public transportation in town.


They are holding a public meeting on Tuesday November 27th at 6 p.m. at the Grandview Farm to present potential service improvement scenarios. These scenarios are based on a comprehensive analysis of existing services and feedback received from riders and non-riders through surveys and at the previous round of public meetings.


One possible scenario is working with neighboring communities to better connect the transit systems.


“Public transportation is vital to the future of our region,” an invitation to the meeting reads. “The towns of Bedford, Burlington, and Lexington are currently evaluating the effectiveness of the current transit services operating in the three communities. The Tri-Town Efficiency and Regionalization Transit Study is a joint effort to assess the overall mobility needs of the three towns and identify possible coordination opportunities that could enhance transit service and efficiencies through shared resources.”


To get the most information to help with the process of forming a plan the agencies are hoping to get input from transit riders and anyone with interest in public transportation.


“Community participation is vital to the success of this study,” the invite says. “Whether you are an existing transit user or simply an interested citizen, we encourage you to attend the upcoming public meeting session to learn about potential service improvements being considered for this community.”



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