August 13 2018

Questions Remain About Future of Lester's BBQ as 'New Location Coming' Sign Posted on Door

By: Rich Hosford



There have been a lot of questions about the fate of Lester’s BBQ and messages from the ownership haven’t exactly cleared things up.


Last week a sign was posted on the restaurant’s doors saying the establishment will be closed until further notice. This was the second time this year the restaurant closed suddenly. On June 26 there was a “seized” sign on the door but then Lester’s was back open for business the following day.


On the sign posed last week there was an email address one could write for further information. On Monday, BNEWS emailed asking for an update and was provided this auto reply:


We would like to thank everyone for their support and interest in Lester's BBQ.  Over the past many years, we have shared memories filled with laughter, happiness, and a unique cuisine; that has come to shape the hearts of all ages.  Unfortunately, we are now closed and have to shut our doors to our beloved past and future customers. Still, we cherish all of our loving memories and experiences that were enjoyed with our passion for BBQ. With great love and appreciation, Lester's BBQ!”


However, on Monday there was also a new sign on the door of the restaurant saying a “new location” will be coming soon. Calls to the restaurant are met with a busy signal so as of the writing of this report the question of Lester’s fate remains unknown.





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