September 11 2017

'Re-Light Friday Nights' T-Shirt Drive to Benefits Students Impacted by Hurricane Harvey


Burlington residents have created a fundraising effort to ensure student athletes and musicians impacted by the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas can participate in after-school programs.

Doug Davison and The Friends of Burlington Football have organized a t-shirt sale for a drive called “Re-Light Friday Nights” with the proceeds going to sports and band activities at schools Houston and surrounding communities.

According to the campaign’s website the goal is to raise money to help refurbish instruments and equipment for Texas students. All of the money raised through the sale of these shirts will go to helping kids get back on the football field, either in the game or at halftime.

The t-shirts, seen above, cost $15 apiece and can be purchased through September 19.

Davison said he hopes to get students here in Massachusetts to wear the shirts to send a message of support and school spirit to students in Texas affected by Harvey. Many of those kids spent several days in shelters only to return to homes that had been inundated with water. They also found athletic equipment, shoes, cleats, and instruments all ruined by the storm.

“We hope to be able to help refurbish some instruments and replace some equipment. We also hope to send a message of support from one group of kids to another in the form of a photograph of band members, football players, and cheerleaders wearing their shirts,” the description of the drive states.

You can find a link to buy a t-shirt here.


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