July 30 2018

Rep. Gordon Votes to Support Campus Sexual Misconduct Surveys, Civics Education, and Consumer Protections


Burlington’s representative in the State House released an update of bills he has supported recently with a release on Monday.


According to his office, Representative Ken Gordon, whose district includes Burlington, Bedford and Precinct 3 in Wilmington, joined his colleagues in the Legislature to pass numerous pieces of legislation last week including bills that will require civics education in all Massachusetts public schools, protect Massachusetts credit consumers, and require colleges and universities to conduct climate surveys relative to sexual misconduct every two years.


According to the release, the climate survey bill is designed to foster safe and inclusive campus environments, by assisting institutions with gathering sexual misconduct data, including the number of incidents of misconduct as well as provide information about student awareness of campus policies and procedures, and help campuses identify at-risk groups.


“Campus climate surveys will be a great tool to help administrators at Massachusetts college campuses to be sure students feel safe,” Gordon said. “I applaud the efforts of students across the Commonwealth including the students at Middlesex Community College who made their voices heard in advocating for this legislation.”


Also focusing on education in the Commonwealth, the civic education bill will encourage a hands-on and experiential approach to fostering civic engagement and incorporates project-based learning components, encourages the instruction of civic competencies – including news and media literacy – and provides extracurricular civic-participation opportunities, the release states.


“Our government should not be a mystery, and should not intimidate those we serve,” said Gordon. “People who are familiar with the way government operates, and realize that her in New England we have a unique opportunity to engage in citizen-led policy, will be more likely to determine the difference between reliable information, and manipulation, when they make important choices.”


Finally, Legislators took on legislation to protect consumers following the data breach of Equifax which left the personal information of 143 million Americans at risk, the release states. The bill includes provisions that make it easier for consumers to monitor their credit, request security freezes on data, limit fees associated with data breach protections as well as requires transparency from breached companies and their affiliates.


Each of these bills will now go to the Governor for his consideration.


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