November 12 2019

School Department Investigating Graffiti with Racial Slur at MSMS

By: Rich Hosford

The Burlington Public Schools are investigating an incident of graffiti that included a racial slur at Marshall Simonds Middle School. 


In a November 6 letter to parents, the school’s administration said that they had been made aware of vandalism in one of the school’s bathrooms. 


“The inappropriate language that was written on the wall included a racial slur,” the letter reads. “This act clearly violates our core values and will not be tolerated in our school community. We will be following our investigatory process to try to identify the individuals who engaged in this unacceptable behavior.” 


The letter states that that seeing and hearing intolerant language impacts students in negative ways and that they are working to address the issue and are asking for parents to help. 


“We will be speaking with members of our professional community to discuss an effective way to mark the moment with students and use this unfortunate incident as an opportunity to teach students about the impact of intolerant language,” they said. “We encourage families to partner with us by engaging in conversations with your children about acts of vandalism, other acts of intolerance, and the importance of reporting the inappropriate behaviors of others to adults.” 


Finally, Prinicipal Cari Perchase said she hopes that this will be a teachable moment. 


“Although I am saddened that this incident occurred, I am hopeful that all members of our community, especially our students, will learn important lessons about celebrating our differences and will be empowwered to stand up against acts of intolerance.”


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