April 26 2020

School Department Provides Updates on Closures, Class of 2020, Remote Learning and Staying Connected


The Burlington Public Schools published an update on the school closure, what plans are in the works and how some teachers are staying connected to their students. 


“As you know, we received word from the Governor on Tuesday that we would not physically return to our schools and classrooms this year,” school leaders wrote in a blog post on Friday. “Despite the fact that we had a feeling that this announcement was coming, it still felt a bit like a gut punch to all of us. Our opportunity to greet our students at the door one final time and, more importantly, the opportunity to say our goodbyes in-person this year will not come to pass. Everything that we previously knew about the rhythm of a school year has been altered beyond recognition.”


The blog also says that they are thinking in particular of the Class of 2020 who will be missing on the normal rites of passage associated with graduation. 


“In the coming weeks, we will be sharing ideas about how we can incorporate safe year end events to bring some closure to the school year for our seniors,” school leaders wrote. “They have worked so hard to get to this point and we want to make sure that we think of creative ways to honor them and their accomplishments.” 


One such initiative, they said, is the BHS College Acceptance Hashtag on Twitter - #bhs2020colleges. 


“Please check out the college acceptances of our BHS students on Twitter and leave a congratulatory comment!,” the blog states. “Thanks to the BHS admin and guidance teams for starting this hashtag so that we can recognize the members of the Class of 2020 on their higher education pursuits.”


They also talk about how some teachers are making videos to connect with each other and with students and their parents. 


The staff at MSMS dropped a great video to remind us that we will get through the next eight weeks just like we have the previous five,” the blog explains. We will do this by continuing to support one another and our families and by continuing to tweak our routines to ensure that we are doing everything we can to prepare students for the 2020-2021 school year.”


“Not to be outdone, the staff at Pine Glen also created a great video to share how much they miss their students,” the blog continues. “The Second Grade team from Fox Hill shared a special activity they worked on last week. They created a fun engaging activity the children could work on all week and present on Friday. Check out the impressive final product from their virtual vocabulary parade.”


Finally, the blog talked about an update on remote learning from the state that they are expecting to receive soon. 


“We are still awaiting updated guidance from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in regards to Remote Learning plans for the remainder of our school year,” school leaders explained. “We were hoping that we would have it today, but it looks like it will not be released until early next week. We will provide an update to families as quickly as possible after the guidance is released.”


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