April 12 2020

School Dept. Reports MCAS Tests Cancelled, Urges Practice of Self-Care

By: Rich Hosford

The Burlington Public Schools posted an update about the school closures that included an emphasis on self-care and the information that some testing has been cancelled. 


On Friday afternoon Governor Charlie Baker signed into law a bill that will waive the standardized testing requirement for students during this academic year, a blog post from the School Department says. This means that no annual MCAS testing will take place this year for students. 


“We expect more specifics from Commissioner of Education Riley next week as to how this will impact any current seniors who have not yet passed MCAS,” the blog reads. 


The question of when the school closure will end is also in question. 


“Despite the elimination of MCAS testing for this year, Governor Baker has not yet given any indication as to whether or not we will return to school on May 4,” the department says. “At his news conference Thursday, Governor Baker noted concerns about ‘writing off the rest of the school year.’Either way, we will continue working in the coming weeks to have contingency plans in place should our closure get extended.” 


The post also talks about the importance of self care to reduce anxiety. 


“As we head into our fifth full week of our closure, we know that our students and their families are all dealing with different challenges,” the department states. “We can't emphasize self-care enough at this time.”


In a recent episode of her podcast, Unlocking Us, Brené Brown really focused on the feelings we have during an anxiety-provoking situation like the one we are all living in right now. In her episode from March 27, she talked about the adrenaline surge that we get at the beginning of a crisis which helps us function. However, she noted that we cannot run on this adrenaline indefinitely in an extended crisis like the one we are in. 


“We all need to prioritize healthy routines like the ones emphasized at the top of this post,” the department writes. 

“Speaking of mental health, we continued our school closure check-ins with staff this week and had a chance to hear from Fox Hill Guidance Counselor Aaron VanDeKoppel and his wife Melinda, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, about how to support our loved ones during these difficult times,” the blog states.


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