July 19 2020

School Leaders Condemn Online Racist Behavior by Burlington Students

By: Rich Hosford

Burlington Public School leaders say they are condemning racist behavior among some students that recently came to their attention. 


“We learned recently that some Burlington Public Schools students have engaged in racist behaviors on their personal social media accounts over the past few weeks,” a letter from Superintendent Eric Conti states. “These behaviors included using derogatory terms, being insensitive to gender differences, and mocking other cultures.”


The School Department did not elaborate on what specifically was said or how it came to their attention but made it clear that such behavior is not in keeping with the environment and culture they are working to create in Burlington.  


“Although we have no control over this content, we feel it is our responsibility as a school district to ensure we create a welcoming community for ALL students,” Conti wrote. “We condemn racist, discriminatory, and harassing behaviors of all forms that impede our efforts to accomplish this goal. These types of social media posts are upsetting and do not reflect the values and beliefs of our school community.”


Finally, Conti said parents should monitor what their children are posting online.  


“We encourage parents to follow the activities of their children online, including all social media accounts,” he said. “We will be reaching out to parents to ensure that they are aware of their student’s racist actions.”


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