November 13 2019

School Officials Want Public Input in School Building Options


Burlington School Department officials and the Burlington School Committee want to hear from the public on the subject of the future of school buildings. 


“The current student enrollment projections in Burlington Public Schools indicate a clear need for more space at the elementary school level in the near future,” a notice from the department says. With this in mind, the School Committee seeks community input regarding the potential options for additional elementary classrooms.”


The first opportunity for community members to provide input will take place at the School Committee meeting on Tuesday, November 19 at 7 p.m. 


“We have allotted 30 minutes for this discussion and we anticipate beginning this discussion by 7:15,” the notice reads. 

The current options that are being looked at are as follows: 

1. Current four school, four site configuration. 

2. Maintain a four school configuration but build two elementary schools on the Fox Hill site with shared common spaces. Give up the Pine Glen site. 

3. Create a 3 school elementary configuration with a large Fox Hill (similar to Marshall Simonds, about 800 student enrollment) and give up Pine Glen as an elementary school. 

4. Pine Glen converted to a PreK-K early childhood center. Three elementary schools configured for grades 1 through 5. 

Burlington Public Schools stakeholders can share their voice in this decision, either by attending next week’s school committee meeting and/or by filling out this brief survey located at

The current state and future needs of Burlington’s school buildings was also the subject of a recent BNEWS In Depth where we talked to Superintendent Eric Conti, Director of Operations Bob Cunha and School Committee members Christine Monaco and Martha Simon. You can watch it here.


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