January 9 2018

Selectmen Appoint Members to Government Review Committee

By: Rich Hosford

The Board of Selectmen has appointed members to the new Government Review Committee.


As reported on BNEWS, during its November 15 meeting the board agreed to appoint a committee to conduct a review of Burlington's current municipal government structure to determine if change is needed in order to make the operation more effective and efficient.


The new committee looking at the structure of the town government was first suggested by Town Meeting member and former Board of Selectmen member Gary Gianino. He was at the July meeting and suggested the selectmen at least look into the possibility of forming the committee, saying that now that the Master Plan review is well underway, it was the right time.


The board formed a subcommittee made up of members Mike Runyan and Bob Hogan to further examine the suggestion and on their recommendation voted last month to form the committee. On Monday the two subcommittee members presented their recommendations for members out of the list of people who had volunteered.


The two men said they had received notice from a lot of interested people and it was a “difficult decision” to select the names they were recommending. As the committee was structured there were to be two selectmen, at least one person from Town Meeting and one person from Ways & Means. The board voted 4-0-0 to accept the recommended list “Selectman Jim Tigges was not in attendance).


The following people will make up the committee:


Mike Runyan - Board of Selectmen

Bob Hogan - Board of Selectmen

Paul Sheehan - Board of Assessors

Roger Rigs - Ways & Means

Gary Gianino - Town Meeting

Sally Willard - Former Town Moderator

Charlie Murphy - Former State Representative

Stephen Marchese - Town Meeting

Kelly Pappas - Town Meeting and Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce


Anyone interested in following the proceedings may do so. The committee’s meetings will be posted and open to the public.


Chairman Chris Hartling stressed that the purpose of the committee is to examine the structure of town government and that it will have no power to enact any changes.


“This will take shape and the committee will have a recommendation at the end,” he said. “There is nothing binding. They will have nothing except a well thought out recommendation.”


He said he was also happy with the make-up of the committee.  


“It seems to me a list with a wide variety of backgrounds and that will be important for the discussions,” he said.


Runyan said the committee will need to work hard to achieve its goal.  


“We want a report by June so I anticipate it will be an aggressive committee,” he explained. “There is quite a lot of information for us to address.”


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