Selectmen Approve Human Services Building Parking Plan

The Board of Selectmen unanimously approved a parking plan for the Human Services Building.

At their latest meeting the Board of Selectmen voted 5-0-0 in favorod a parking plan for the Human Services Building at 61 Center Street. The handicapped parking situation at the facility has been an issue of ongoing discussion. Recently DPW Director John Sanchez, Council on Aging Director Marge McDonald and a representative for the Disabled Access Committee met with Town Meeting members to review the handicapped parking proposal.

The plan calls for ten handicapped parking spots, plus two spots designated ‘Senior Only’. Five of the handicapped spaces would be at the buildings north entrance along with the two ‘Senior Only’ spots. The remaining five spots would be located at the south entrance. The board approved the ten handicapped spots and the two ‘Senior Only’ spaces as well as voting to relocate the parking spot for Council on Aging bus.

Board member Mike Runyan stated, “I think this is a good meeting of the minds here. It meets the needs for the time being”.

The Board of Selectmen will be touring the 61 Center Street property to get a better idea of how the new parking plan is going to work.       

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