July 21 2020

Selectmen Approve Proclamation Honoring India’s Independence Day

By: Rich Hosford

The Burlington Board of Selectmen voted unanimously on Monday night to approve a proclamation recognizing and honoring the 73nd Anniversary of India's Independence in a show of solidarity of the many Indian-American residents in town. 


The proclamation, read out loud by Selectman Nick Priest, is as follows: 



India is the largest free democratic country in the world, her beauty and rich cultural heritage is unmatched; and 


WHEREAS: India is the land of Ashok, Akbar, Guru Nanak, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and many others who made the ultimate sacrifice to fight for the freedom and uplifting of their countryman; and 



India is a composite civilization - a nation extraordinarily unique as a cultural mosaic of people embracing a prodigious diversity of ethnic groups, religions, languages, customs, traditions, dress, manners, food habits, climatic conditions and natural resources, and yet presenting an underlying unity; and 



India is a country, in short duration since independence, that has shown an unsurpassed growth in education, health, agriculture and technology; and 


WHEREAS: 73 years ago, on August 15, 1947, India gained her independence from two hundred years of colonial rule with peaceful civil disobedience and nonviolence. That movement in turn became a new weapon to fight against inequality and injustice in the world. 


NOW, THEREFORE, WE, The Board of Selectmen of the Town of Burlington, do hereby proclaim August 15, 2020 to be: INDIA DAY and encourage all residents to join the Indian Community to celebrate the 73nd Anniversary of India's Independence. 


Members of the board said they were happy to have this chance to honor the Indian culture, a strong presence in Burlington as can be seen by the very large annual Diwali celebrations that have been held on the Town Common in recent years. 


“The Southeast Asian population is a very big percentage of the town of Burlington and this whole area and I think this is a great way to acknowledge our fellow residents in this town,” Vice-Chair Jim Tigges said. “Burlington is diverse in so many ways, from its schools to its residents to its employees and I think we should take this opportunity to celebrate that diversity and acknowledge the country of India for their independence.”


“As we have just entered into our 244th year of independence here in the United State of America I think it’s great we can take a moment and acknowledge another country that only 73 years sought their independence and freedom and won it,” Selectman Priest said. “The big strides in such a short period of time that they have taken to advance their society and their people I think is wonderful.”


“I’m pleased to honor that segment of our population with this proclamation tonight,” Selectman Mike Runyan added. 


“It has been an honor to participate in some of the activities from the Indian Community over the years here in Burlington,” Selectman Bob Hogan said. “I celebrate them for this anniversary they are celebrating.” 


I”m very happy for the Indian population in Burlington and that we were able to do something for them,” Chairman Joe Morandi said. “I think that it’s such a diversified community and we try to the best we can for everybody.”


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