November 28 2017

Selectmen Seek Volunteers for Committee to Examine Structure of Town Government


The Burlington Board of Selectmen is looking for community members to volunteer to take a look at the structure of the town government.


During its November 15 meeting the board agreed to appoint a committee to conduct a review of Burlington's current municipal government structure to determine if change is needed in order to make the operation more effective and efficient, a notice from the Town Administrator/Selectmen office states. At this time the Board of Selectmen is seeking residents and others active with the Town to submit their names for consideration using the supplied application.


“The current government was created through special legislation in 1970,” the release states. “Burlington has a representative Town Meeting form of government with a five-member Board of Selectmen acting as the chief elected official. The Town elects a Town Moderator, Treasurer/Collector, Town Clerk, Planning Board, Board of Health, Board of Assessors, Recreation Commission, Library Trustees, Constables, School Committee and regional school committee representatives.”


“The Selectmen's departments are managed day-to-day by an appointed Town Administrator who also has financial and personnel responsibilities across the organization,” the release continues. “The elected boards appoint their own staff within their departments. There are a number of committees appointed by the Town Moderator and Town Administrator who assist in the functioning of the municipal government.”


The new committee looking at the structure of the town government was first suggested by Town Meeting member and former Board of Selectmen member Gary Gianino. He was at the July meeting and suggested the selectmen at least look into the possibility of forming the committee, saying that now that the Master Plan review is well underway, it was the right time.


“One thing we’ve never done is governmental review, a look at the way the town operates,” he said. “I think the town has done a good job but we haven’t looked at the town overall. My proposal is to take a look at whether there are opportunities for the community to run more efficiently.”


The Board of Selectmen agreed to consider the proposal and formed a subcommittee made up of members Robert Hogan and Mike Runyan. On November 15 those members recommended the committee be formed.


The town has grown significantly and now has an operating budget around $130 million,” Hogan said. “Maybe we need to take a look at what we can do to be more efficient.”


“We want to move this to the chair for a public committee to be formed to further investigate how we do business and make recommendations for possible changes,” Runyan added.


The Committee will be formed in early 2018 and will be asked to complete its work in a diligent fashion so that the Board of Selectmen can give due consideration as to whether steps will be needed to implement any recommendations. The committee itself will not have any authority to make changes but recommendations will be considered by the board.


If anyone is interested in being considered for appointment, complete the application on the following here. In the comment section near the bottom, state that you are applying for the Government Review Committee.

You may mail the completed application to Betty McDonough, Office Manager, Selectmen's Office, Town Hall, 29 Center Street, Burlington, MA 01803 or email the application to:


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