September 25 2019

Shawsheen Tech Administration: Emails Sent to Students Not a Credible Threat

By: Rich Hosford

The Shawsheen Valley Technical High School administration said in a message to the community on Wednesday that they are aware of a number of threatening emails sent to students but have determined there is no credible threat. 


“This morning, we were made aware of emails that were sent to a significant number of Shawsheen students,” the school administration said in a statement to the community.  “These emails contained potential threats to the school. In coordination with the Billerica Police Department, we have determined that there is no credible threat. All precautions have been taken. Thank you to the many students who came forward with this information.”


The school did not release details on the nature of the threats made in the emails. 


Students from Burlington, along with Wilmington, Bedford, Tewksbury and Billerica making up most of the student body.


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