June 14 2020

Shawsheen Tech's Three Day Graduation Ceremony to Kick Off Tuesday

By: Rich Hosford

Shawsheen Valley Technical High School will see off the Class of 2020 with a special social distancing graduation ceremony spread over three days this week. 


The graduation ceremonies will take place over the course of three evenings, June 16, 17, and 18 and be done by student vocation. School Principal Jessica Cook and Interim Superintendent-Director Melanie Hagman said the school has been working closely with Billerica’s Director of Public Health, Kristel Bennett, to finalize graduation plans that maximize everyone’s health and safety. 


The ceremonies will begin at 4:30 p.m. each day in the front parking lot of the school. One vehicle will be allowed per student. Students from each shop will cross the stage one at a time to receive their diplomas and take a photograph. Cars will be required to arrive 20 minutes prior to their scheduled ceremony times to ensure each ceremony starts on time. 


Click Here to see further logistical plans and when each shop will have their chance to receive their diplomas. 


“In forming these plans we took into consideration feedback from the Class of 2020 and guidance from Commissioner Riley from the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education,” Cook and Hagman wrote. “Although a significant percentage of students were interested in holding off until July or August, many of our students joining the military and attending college would be unable to attend a ceremony later in the summer. For this reason, we have elected to keep the ceremony in June.” 


The school will be recording student speeches and the individual shop ceremonies to create a graduation video that will be released in the weeks following the graduation ceremonies. 


“We look forward to celebrating the Class of 2020 next week!” Cook and Hagman said.


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