November 6 2017

Simon Mall Youth Foundation Raises Money for BHS Students



The company behind the Burlington Mall is working to help students succeed academically.


In early 2017, Simon Youth Foundation (SYF), a national nonprofit organization, partnered with the Burlington Public School System to form the Simon Youth Academy at Burlington (formerly the Burlington Evening Academy), a release from the Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce. The mission of the Simon Youth Foundation, and the newly formed Academy in Burlington is to ‘foster and improve educational opportunities, career development, and life skills that transform the lives of at-risk youth through focused programs and initiatives with our public school and postsecondary education partners.’


According to the release, SYF entered into a partnership with Superintendent Dr. Eric Conti and the Burlington Public Schools where SYF works to provide local support to the drop-out prevention efforts in Burlington. SYF now works with the Burlington Evening High School and provides teacher development support, scholarships, grant dollars and other opportunities to support students to their graduation day.


The SYF held their 10th annual Bowling for Education fundraiser at Kings Dining & Entertainment in Burlington on October 3, the release states. The event raised nearly $180,000 for the foundation, and was hosted by the New England Region of Simon Malls, including the Burlington Mall staff. The event is one of several held nation-wide in the fall by SYF's mall team colleagues across the country, and helps to raise funds for SYF to reinvest in the education of the communities served by a Simon Mall.


Spring 2017 was the inaugural graduation for Simon Youth Academy at Burlington with five graduates, one of whom received a $32K scholarship to continue her education, the release states.  


“The Simon Youth Foundation is proud of the students and thankful to the teachers who made this all possible,” the release reads. “The BACC is proud to have supportive members, like Simon Mall in Burlington, who continually partner with organizations for the betterment of our community.”


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