January 10 2017

Site Plan Approved for Two Restaurants in Former Papa Razzi Location

By: Rich Hosford

A restaurant group that will put two new establishments in the former Papa Razzi location on Wall Street had their site plan approved by the Planning Board last Thursday.


As reported on BNEWS, after Papa Razzi closed in October, Rebels Restaurants, Inc. a business group with restaurants in the Boston area, came forward with plans to open two restaurants in that one site.

One of the restaurants would be the high-end Mexican establishment Temazcal and the other would be a more affordable pizza and Italian restaurant called Tony’s Coal Fire Pizza.


Temazcal, which currently has locations in Boston and Lynnfield, features authentic Mexican recipes made with fresh, local ingredients, it’s website states.


Tony’s Coal Fire Pizza would have a full Italian menu with an emphasis on the pizza, which would be cooked in an actual coal oven.


The Planning Board had in December approved a special permit for the project but held off on approving the site plan. One reason was because they wanted to see if the Board of Selectmen would require any site changes as a condition of approving the transfer of the liquor licenses. The selectmen, however, approved the liquor license without requiring any changes to the plan our layout.


The Planning Board also requested the applicant address the side of the building facing Cambridge Street, saying that while it was Papa Razzi it was kind of boring as just “a blank wall.”


The developer did come back with changes to that wall by adding color variation, windows, awnings and a stone veneer.

The board approved the site plan on the condition that the developer work with the property owner and the other businesses on a parking plan and to designate employee parking. They did note that since the restaurant’s peak hours and the mostly day-time peak hours of the other businesses will not overlap much it will be a “good mix.”


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