January 29 2018

Software Company CA Technologies Moving Facility from Framingham to Burlington

By: Rich Hosford

 A large software company is moving a local facility from Framingham to Burlington and bringing its employees with it.

CA Technologies, a multinational, publicly held corporation headquartered in New York that creates systems software, has filed paperwork with the Burlington Planning Department for a minor engineering change for 15 Network Drive. The engineering change are related to a 6,700 square foot Child Development Center and outdoor playground area for the company’s employees and their children.

The new facility for workers will be located at 45 Network Drive. The new, larger space, is needed due to a recent acquisition.

“CA Technologies, one of the largest independent system software companies in the world, is relocating its existing facility in Framingham to space at 45 Network Drive in Burlington,” the paperwork filed with the town states. “With its recent acquisition of Veracode, also located within the Network Drive campus, CA Technologies will have a combined workforce of approximately 900 employees in Burlington.”

The minor engineering change will include the relocation of a sidewalk and handicap ramp, grading and landscaping and the creation of a new drop-off area.

This work will have an impact on the number of parking spots available but the company argued not a significant amount.

The loss of 9 spaces is negligible as the total of 447 parking spaces and the 4 spaces for the Child Development Center drop-off, including 12 handicap spaces, will still fulfill the minimum requirement of 399 parking spaces and 9 handicap spaces,” the paperwork reads.


The project is scheduled to be before the Planning Board on February 15.


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