June 26 2017

State Police Warn of Snapchat Update That Allows Users to Share Their Location


The Massachusetts State Police is warning parents of teens and children with smartphones or tablets about an update to a popular photo-sharing app that has opened them up to potential dangers.

In a widely-shared Facebook message, Trooper Dustin Fitch said parents of children who use Snapchat should know about the app’s newest update.

“In the last Snapchat update, a new feature was released called ‘Snap Map’ which allows users to share their location, viewable on a map with your friends,” Fitch explained. “Users also have the option to stay off the grid using ‘Ghost Mode.’”  

“Why would you care about this?” Fitch asked. “It should cause some concern for those of you that have children using Snapchat. I’d recommend talking to your children about the concerns with sharing their location with strangers. They can choose to share only with friends or with no one at all.”

To adjust these settings, go to the camera screen, pinch the screen with two fingers, and it will load the map. You can then click the icon in the top right of the screen where you will be given the options of turning on ‘Ghost Mode’ or selecting who can see your location.


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