May 6 2020

State Reopening Advisory Board Seeking Public Input

By: Rich Hosford

If anyone has thoughts on how the state should start reopening and getting things moving again the Reopening Advisory Board created by Gov. Charlie Baker wants to hear them. 

Your comments will be reviewed and taken into consideration as the Advisory Board develops a reopening report,” a notice from the board states. 

On April 28, Baker announced the creation of the board. This group is charged with advising the administration on strategies to reopen the economy in phases based on health and safety metrics.


The Board will meet with key stakeholders and solicit input from a variety of constituencies over the next three weeks to develop a report by May 18th that will include:


- The different phases that the state will follow as we recover from the public health crisis

- What activities and industries are safe to resume in each phase

- The public health metrics that would indicate it is safe to move from one phase to the next

- General business guidance about social distancing, personal protection, and cleaning protocols that all businesses will need to follow upon reopening

- Industry specific guidance and detailed protocols for how to reopen safely


This report is due on the 18th, but the administration has made clear that public health data and guidance from health care experts will dictate the timeline of the re-opening process.


If you click here you can find a survey about the reopening process. 


After a survey to determine where in the state you live and your occupation there are a number of questions to fill out. A couple of examples of the questions are: 


“Once public health guidelines are released, what do you anticipate to be the greatest barriers for businesses to reopen and employees to return to work in the Commonwealth?”




“Has your business, industry or group already developed a playbook for returning to work when the public health response permits a phased reopening to ensure the safety of the workplace, employees, and the general public?”




“What are the most critical enablers for your industry / stakeholder group to reopen in the near term (supplies like masks and gloves, transportation, childcare, consumer confidence, etc.)?”


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